Are Your Springtime Allergies Affecting Your Oral Health?

Springtime is when many people start to suffer from allergies. If you are affected, do you know how it can impact your oral health? ‘Steroids Only For COVID-19 Patients With Low Oxygen Levels’ dianabol results pictures pharma companies put faith in ai for breakthroughs Allergies can cause several oral problems, including sore throats, dry mouth, and toothache.

During allergy season, many people begin to experience toothache because mucus builds up in the sinuses, placing pressure on the upper back teeth. Usually, sinuses are designed to drain upwards, but when allergies impact them, this becomes more difficult. However, if you suffer toothache in a different area of your mouth, come and see us just in case you have a tooth infection.

Allergies can also make it more difficult to breathe through your nose, so you tend to breathe through your mouth more often. This can cause dry mouth, where your mouth feels dry and sticky instead of moist and comfortable. When your mouth is drier, it allows harmful bacteria that can cause tooth decay and gum disease to thrive. If you are affected, make sure you drink plenty of water or chew sugar-free gum or sweets.

When your nose is blocked, mucus from the nose drains down the throat and can irritate these tissues. Some people find a soothing hot drink is helpful or suck on sugar-free throat lozenges.