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What Is the Procedure for a Crown or Bridge?

The original tooth will be prepared to the ideal shape of the crown. This will involve removing most of the outer surface of the tooth leaving the core and tooth root. The thickness of the crown will be the same as the amount of tooth that has been removed. An impression is taken of the area, taking into consideration the bite and overall desired look of the tooth, matching it to the surrounding teeth perfectly. It is a similar procedure for making a dental bridge, as the adjacent teeth will be carefully prepared to create sufficient room for the crowns and for the replacement tooth or teeth.

When Should I Have a Crown?

Teeth are pretty tough, but if they become substantially decayed or damaged then a filling will not be strong enough to restore them. In this case, we can protect your tooth with a crown that will cover it up completely. It is a great treatment that will restore a tooth to full function and it can substantially improve the appearance of a badly damaged tooth.

For our dental crowns, we use the very highest quality materials to make our dental crowns look just like your natural teeth.

The most advanced solution is to have a metal-free crown that is strong, hard-wearing, and beautiful. Crown material can be fabricated from porcelain to match your tooth colour and restore the look of your natural bright smile.


When Should I Have a Bridge?

It is important to replace even a single missing tooth for the sake of your dental health and your smile. Our beautiful bridges are a wonderful option and a bridge can replace one or multiple teeth in the same area of your mouth.

Your bridge will be supported by crowns on the teeth adjacent to the gap and these are attached to the replacement tooth or teeth.

You may also choose to have a metal-free bridge which will be made from zirconia, an amazingly strong material that is suitable even for full-arch bridges.



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