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Re-contouring or reshaping of the teeth is a procedure in which small amounts of tooth enamel are removed; changing a tooth’s length, shape or surface. It is a simple solution for correcting minor imperfections, such as small chips or worn teeth, smoothing out bulges or pits in a tooth’s enamel, adjusting slight irregular tooth shapes or adjusting or rounding pointed teeth.

Re-contouring can also improve overall dental health by removing crevices or overlaps between teeth in which plaque or tartar can accumulate.

Re-contouring is a quick, conservative and painless procedure achieving immediate results, which can dramatically improve your smile appearance. Since re-contouring does not affect the nerve of the tooth, anaesthetic is not usually required.

Bonding can repair teeth with slight imperfections or minor fractures in a single appointment. Made from silica and hard plastic and mixed to a paste-like consistency, the bonding material is skillfully sculpted so your restored tooth blends with your surrounding teeth to maintain your natural smile.

Used mostly on front teeth that may have been fractured or chipped, the bonding material creates an even and more attractive smile. The material is placed in layers and hardened by a special curing light, and once the perfect shape is attained, your bonded teeth are polished to a natural-looking lustre.

Although bonding is a durable solution, care is required when eating hard foods and it is important to adhere to a thorough at-home care routine of brushing and flossing to ensure your new smile and gums remain healthy.

At iSmile, our dentists are passionate about conservative dentistry so we do tooth coloured restorations (composite resin) on the front and the back teeth as they require less tooth removal during preparation and preserve the remaining tooth structure.

Unlike veneers and crowns, which are manufactured in a lab, bonding usually can be done in one appointment visit and unless it is being used to fill a cavity, it can be completed without the need for anaesthetic.


These materials require experience and artistry and our dentists are keeping up to date through continuing education in this field and using the latest techniques and materials.



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