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Brackets are cemented onto teeth but can come loose, particularly if you have eaten something very hard or crunchy and which could damage your brace. Bands are also cemented onto teeth and can sometimes become dislodged or loose. Although not a serious problem, brackets and bands should always be professionally repaired. Your orthodontist will soon be able to repair your orthodontic appliance so treatment can continue. Please book an appointment as soon as possible, otherwise, the damage could slow down the progress of your treatment.

What Should I Do Until I Can See Dr Sanabary?

If a bracket falls off, please save it if possible and bring it with you to your appointment as it may be possible to re-cement it in position. Do not try to re-attach the bracket yourself as they are precisely positioned on each tooth. You might be able to temporarily re-attach a loose brace using a small piece of orthodontic wax. Otherwise, place the orthodontic wax over the brace to act as a cushion. If a band has become loose, please save it so it can be re-cemented or replaced. Any missing orthodontic spacers can also easily be replaced.

If your brace is damaged, our caring dental team is here to help you.



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Call Us: (02) 6925 5511