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If you lose a filling or have an older filling that has begun to crumble away, it is important to get it replaced as soon as you can. A missing filling will allow bacteria to get into your tooth, causing more decay. This could lead to a tooth infection, requiring root canal therapy to prevent tooth loss. It is so much easier and cheaper to simply get that filling renewed, so please contact us for an appointment to see our dentist. We are an amalgam-free dental practice as modern filling materials are healthier for your teeth. Using the latest tooth coloured composite resins, we can nearly invisibly fill a cavity.

Is There Anything I Can Use to Temporarily Fill a Tooth?

Until you can come and see us, it is possible to insert a small piece of sugar-free chewing gum into the cavity. Another option is to use some temporary cement. You can buy this over-the-counter as part of an emergency dental kit used to temporarily hold a loose crown in place. When a filling falls out, the dentine underneath the filling is exposed and your tooth might feel extra sensitive. Temporarily filling the tooth will help to reduce unwanted sensitivity, particularly when you eat something hot or cold.

If you lose a filling then please contact us immediately.


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Call Us: (02) 6925 5511