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At iSmile we believe your gum health is the key to a healthy fresh mouth and that is why we have a dedicated hygienist to provide tailored treatment and maintenance programsmile2 for your gum health.

Great oral hygiene is hugely important in preventative dental care. While we can provide high-quality professional dentistry at iSmile Dental Clinic, it is essential to back this up with great dental care at home.

This is where we can help you and everyone here at iSmile is super-easy to chat to so please ask us if you feel your oral hygiene could do with a bit of help.

Redness , swelling, bleeding and bad smell can all be signs for gum disease (gingivitis). If you notice any discomfort or bleeding when you brush or floss it can be an indication of an underlying gum problem that needs to be addressed sooner than later to prevent it from getting worse.

If left untreated this gum disease can progress into a more aggressive form called (periodontitis). It is a deep infection inside the gum that eats the bone and the supporting tissues away and eventually causing tooth loss.

Our clinicians are very experienced in prevention, early detection and treatment of these gum diseases and can help you regaining your gum health and retaining your teeth for as long as possible.

Patient comfort is very important to us and that’s why we use the latest dental equipments which makes gum treatment a much more comfortable experience than before.

Get Personalised Advice on How to Improve Your Oral Care Routine

When we professionally clean your teeth for you we can see any areas you may be regularly missing when you brush and floss. This helps us provide you with personalised advice on how to brush and floss more thoroughly so you remove the maximum amount of plaque and food debris each time. If you loathe flossing, then ask us to show you a few simple techniques that can make this task much easier. If you have limited dexterity or really cannot get on with conventional floss then we can show you different tools to try.

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