Poor Oral Health Linked to Muscle Loss and Diabetes

Over the past few years, poor oral health has been linked to several serious health problems, including cardiovascular disease. A new study suggests that it could increase the risk of diabetes in older people and muscle loss, an issue called sarcopenia.

People with poor oral health often find it difficult to eat comfortably. They may have few remaining teeth or teeth that are infected and painful, limiting food choices. Being unable to eat a varied and nutritious diet can have a considerable negative impact on general health. Without a good diet, the body cannot repair itself so effectively and fight disease, increasing the risk of problems like diabetes. Another problem is that people will frequently choose soft and easy to chew foods, but these are more likely to contain a lot of sugar, increasing the risk of diabetes. Often tooth loss is associated with periodontal disease and, most likely systemic inflammation, which can play a role in the increased risk of muscle loss and diabetes.

We can provide preventive dentistry for all ages, adjusting your treatment plan as you get older. With the right dental care, you can avoid tooth loss. We can make sure you have natural or replacement teeth that are strong and healthy enough so you can eat comfortably.