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As a caring and compassionate dental practice, iSmile Dental understands some people find the idea of dental treatment rather daunting. This is why we can offer patients who have a serious fear of dental work sedation dentistry.

iSmile Dental offers treatment under sedation on specific days with an anaesthetist who comes from Canberra or sedation under general anaesthetic here at our local day surgery off site facility. We want you to have a painless and relaxed experience, whether you feel nervous, anxious, require complex or lengthy treatment to restore your dental and oral health.

What is Sedation Dentistry?
With sedation dentistry, a sedative is administered intravenously continuously during the visit to ensure you feel more comfortable and relaxed. It is sometimes called sleep dentistry or twilight dentistry because you feel relaxed and often quite drowsy and are no longer anxious or fearful about treatment.
Although you may feel so relaxed that you fall asleep during treatment, we can easily awaken you if needed, for example, if we need to ask you a question or check you are okay. Because the sedative contains an amnesiac, it’s quite common to remember little if anything about your treatment once you complete your visit.

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?
Sedation dentistry is very safe, although there is always a small level of risk when giving any form of anaesthetic. We rigorously screen patients before recommending intravenous sedation, reviewing your medical history with you and discussing treatment benefits and possible risks.
We take enormous care to thoroughly screen patients for their suitability for this treatment. We will make sure to always keep our patients safe. Our highly experienced anaesthetist will closely monitor you during your appointment and during your recovery.

Why Choose Us for Your Sedation Dentistry?
We will always guide a patient towards treatment that is the best for them and which we feel guarantees the highest success rate. Your safety is always our top priority at iSmile Dental. We would like every patient to have a relaxing and painless experience. Our dental team takes enormous pride in providing the very highest quality dental services in a safe environment. Every aspect of your dental care has been carefully considered, so you can have complete confidence in your treatment.

For more questions about Sedation Dentistry and how it can help you, call our practice at (02) 6925 5511.

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Call Us: (02) 6925 5511