Simple Tips for a Healthier Halloween

If you are dreading Halloween this year and all the sugar consumed, remember it’s okay to indulge in treats, but just practice moderation. We’ve listed a few easy tips to have a more nutritious and healthier Halloween.

Buy Halloween Treats on the Day

Avoid temptation and purchase Halloween treats on the day. Don’t buy too much or purchase sweets you don’t like. Alternatively, you can buy other treats that aren’t edible such as bouncy balls, erasers, pencils or stickers.

Eat before Trick-Or-Treating

If your kids are going out trick-or-treating, gives them a healthy dinner before the fun begins, so they are less tempted to eat lots of sweets. When they come home, offer them a warming drink such as milk with just one or two of their favourite treats before bedtime.

Stay Active

One good thing about trick-or-treating is that you can take a nice long walk around your neighbourhood to admire all the decorations and costumes!

Practice Portion Control

Once Halloween is over, sort through the sweets with your child and agree with them how much they will eat over the next week. Remember, sweets can be frozen or cut into smaller pieces for better portion control.