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Injuries to the soft tissues of your mouth can easily bleed. This includes injuries to your cheeks, lips, gums and tongue.

What Should I Do to Stop a Soft Tissue Injury from Bleeding?

First of all, rinse your mouth with a mild solution of salt water. This will help soothe the injury and will enable you to see the injury more clearly. Try to keep your head tilted forwards as this will help prevent you from swallowing any blood which could cause vomiting. To stop the bleeding, use a clean piece of moistened gauze or a teabag to apply gentle but firm pressure to the wound. If the blood soaks through the gauze, apply another piece without removing the first. Hold the gauze in place for fifteen to twenty minutes. Mild bleeding should stop or will significantly slow down during this time. Using a cold compress on the outside of your mouth can help to control bleeding and pain.

What Should I Do If I Can’t Stop the Bleeding?

If the bleeding fails to stop or to slow down after twenty minutes of applying pressure on the wound, come and see us straight away. If it is outside of practice hours, then go to the nearest hospital for emergency treatment. Continue applying pressure on the wound until a doctor can see you.

If you are at all concerned about a soft tissue injury then please call us straight away as we are here to help you.


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